Paris on a Whim

I have to confess to a guilty pleasure of mine - jumping on the Eurostar and indulging in a 48-hour walking marathon around the streets of Paris. Whenever the rain gets too much for me I know there is a sunnier place just across the pond full of cafes and bistros to be scouted and tiny shops to be explored. Some might call it therapy, others (like my friend Paul who was kind enough to offer his couch for two nights) see it as a transition to a new life. For me it is one of these adventures (life changing in the long term or not), which make you smile and appreciate the sun shining on the horizon beyond Les Toulleries, Les Champs Elisees, L'arc de Triumph...back to everyday life and an eternity of rainy days, this sun is still somewhere there. Whether it will lead to a scary new move is early to say, but Paris you are certainly more than just a sunny daydream on my agenda.  

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