Worrying, regretting, dreaming about the past. We spend so much time living in the past and even when we don't do it consciously, the past leaves its traces on us one way or another.
Forgiving and  forgetting are two different things. In the past in every single person, there is a painful memory, a thing or person who hurt us deeply. Some times it seems impossible to forgive as we are unable to forget what happened. We waste each day in memories thinking that they will be an inevitable part of our lives.
However, if we ever want to love in present, forgiveness is the only way forward. To forgive means to become with piece with the past and with yourself. You cannot give forgiveness to another person if you do not forgive yourself and the other way round - the two come hand in hand. I know, I know, easier said than done. But do we have a choice?
When I saw this photo it really reminded of myself - riding my bicycle at the countryside and being so free without a single worry. There is no reason why each day could not be the same as seen through the eyes of this little, innocent girl. The child in each one of us is still alive, still free, still living each day, each moment with  happiness and true joy. If I could exchange all the 'freedom' I have now for the free-spirited little girl then I would do it a million times.

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